Beirut Moments

A live brief in collaboration with Public Works Studio and the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union, concerning accessibility and integration in Lebanon.

Like many cities, Beirut has significant challenges to social and physical equality and integration in many of its public spaces. Too often the needs and ideals for minority groups are ‘inserted’ into visions for public spaces as after thoughts within the design process. Consequently, this creates urban spaces that actively ‘disable’ many of the physical and social activities and interactions of those who have different abilities – be they physical, social, cultural, religious or technological. 

Beirut Moments aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and shift attitudes regarding disability and its material culture. 


Rusted Radishes

The project was published in Lebanon in a local magazine: Rusted Radishes.

Rusted Radishes is a magazine featuring exclusive works from a diverse range of emerging and established creatives, curating a striking interdisciplinary collage of fluid symbols of Lebanon.