Human Nature

Nature is intrinsically woven into our lives; our survival depends on the survival of our environment. However, humanity’s lost connection with nature has corroded the biological diversity of our Earth. 

Human Nature is a collection of living fashion that enables humans to become agents of biodiversity within London. This unisex clothing utilises site-specific, scientific data to incorporate native plants into the design that provide solutions to the biodiversity issues the capital is currently facing and promotes the local environment.

Human Nature is a dynamic concept, that has the potential to transform London’s pavements into green corridors.



RSA Rawthmells Coffeehouse Exhibition 2019

Royal Designers for Industry RSA Exhibition 2018

RSA Student Design Award Winner 'Wearing Intelligence 2.0' 2018

Open Senses Festival 2017

Shortlisted for the Artisa Award 2017

Commended for London National Park City Imagine Challenge 2017

Tom Fund Award 2017